Question by  JoeinNJ (17)

What are some examples of long-term tax exempt funds?


Answer by  Gabriel (2146)

Any 401k or ira program would fit your requirements. Your bank or brokerage should be able to help you set up the accounts. Vanguard, among others, offers a series of mutual funds that are long-term tax exempt. Municipal bonds are also typically tax exempt, as long as you are holding to maturity.


Answer by  Mike39 (320)

Long-term tax-exempt funds are funds that invest in government bonds and can be issued by various levels of government: states, municipalities, counties, etc. For example: vanguard california long-term tax-exempt fund, vanguard new york long term tax-exempt fund.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

Vanguard Group offers the California Long Term Tax Exempt Fund Investor Shares, Florida Long Term Tax Exempt Fund, Vanguard Long Term Tax Exempt Fund, New Jersey Long Term Tax Exempt Fund, and others, all with a minimum $3,000 investment. American Century offers the New York Tax Free Fund with a minimum investment of $5,000.


Answer by  chris70 (301)

Long term tax emempt funds are mostly funds that are in reality bond funds. Its important to note that their are two types of taxes State and Federal and while one fund might be tax exempt federally it may be taxable from the state view.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Anything that will provide you with tax exempt funds are charity accounts. Any 401k or Ira program will help. This is basically what will meet all your needs in terms of long term tax exemption. Talk to your financial advisor about the benefits and speak to them about setting up.


Answer by  Daigle83 (66)

All withdrawals from Roth IRAs are tax free after they have been active for 5 years and you are 59 and a half and older. In addition, all municipal bonds are tax exempt.


Answer by  VipulAgrawal (46)

Long term tax exempt funds are mostly funds that are in reality bond funds. Their are two types of taxes state and federal.

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