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Question by  Taran (716)

What are some examples of ground cover that will grow in the Dallas area?


Answer by  madlambe (197)

It gets very cold in the Dallas area. Horseherb is a great plant for providing ground cover. It is semi-ever green and flowers all year round which will therefore provide you with colour throughout the year which is a bonus for any garden. If you have trees nearby you should be careful to remove most fallen leaves from the Horseherb


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Creeping thyme is a great ground cover. Also there are Stepables sold at the garden nursery. They come in many varieties and they should be able to help you.


Answer by  vijetha (104)

Lantana,Turk's cap,Iris,Passion flower,Mealy blue sage,American beauty berry,Corn honeysuckle. Kings Creek and North Haven features demonstration plots. The Dallas Botanical Garden shows these plants.


Answer by  aearthdragon (471)

Ivy and mint will grow easily without much hassle. However you won't want to dig them up later. Consider a vinca minor instead a little easier to kill.

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