Question by  Suchitra (18)

Is dish soap an effective organic method of pest control?

I'd appreciate a formula or recipe.


Answer by  Maggie72 (70)

There are several. Many bugs, earwigs in particular, are, much like frat boys, attracted to the scent of beer. Leave a cup of beer out where ever you have seen earwigs and they will happily lean in for a taste and take an accidental dip. Too bad these guys can't swim!


Answer by  lexuslady315 (635)

Yes mix Dawn dish soap to get rid of bees, Mix vinegar to kill potato bugs. 5 drops of dish soap to a quart of water.


Answer by  splicelover (176)

Yes it is. Dish soaps killes ants and other small bugs. They do not kill spiders or beetles. Just a ounce of soap with a water filled spray bottle.

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