Question by  sumaya1 (97)

What are some easy to make Southwestern dishes?

My husband likes Southwestern food.


Answer by  jyh634 (157)

Beans are an easy Southwestern dish. Just take a can of black beans, drain and rinse them, and put them in a pot. Add a little bit of chicken stock to soften them. Let them cook, then add jalapenos, onions and garlic. When the beans are soft, mash them together.


Answer by  lou (792)

Enchiladas are easy to make. Dip corn tortillas in enchilada sauce to cover. Fill with cheese and/or your choice of cooked meat. Serve warm topped with more sauce and cheese.


Answer by  Oaxacan (39)

Quesadillas, fajitas, tacos, stuffed peppers-- you will delight him with fresh homemade salsa or guacamole (if he likes avocados), because you cannot go wrong with fresh ingredients!


Answer by  Jamiesholes (6)

A Couple favorites that I suggest are the Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas which takes 40 min to make. Another dish I am going to suggest is the Posole Stew Recipe which is a slightly spicy dish but is quite popular in southwestern foods. Your husband should like these.

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