Question by  georgepaul (89)

What are some easy fund raising ideas?

I am fund raising chair for a small organization.


Answer by  creativethinkingatlarge (68)

You can do a car wash, bake sale, yard sale, or auction. How about a raffle where people guess how many M&M's are in a container. Whoever is closest wins the container full of candy. Or maybe for this time of year get someone to donate a throw or quilt and raffle that off. Good luck!


Answer by  llorona (13)

Assuming a relatively small amount of money needs to be raised in a relatively quick period of time, ideas might include coordinating a bake sale or a car wash, hosting a house party, planning a raffle, or organizing a rummage sale.


Answer by  eric273 (74)

You could possibly have a bake sale. You could also have a lemonade sale. This would raise you a good amount of money if widely advertised. You could also host a bingo event and have half of money wagered for the prize the other half for your organization.


Answer by  karlim (158)

Below are the some easy fund raising ideas: 1)Selling foods such as home made cookies, chocolates, etc. 2)Selling used book collection, or card collection. 3)Selling T-shirt sign by famous singer or actors. 4)Just go out to the road, give car wash or just ask for donations. 5)Selling own grown vegetables and produce.

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