Question by  Ashaan (50)

What are some common lizards in Georgia?


Answer by  Dann (114)

If by Georgia you mean the state of Georgia, then there's brown and green anoles, several species skinks, fence lizards, two invasive species of gecko, four glass lizards (legless and alligator lizards) two species spiny or horned lizards, one of which is an introduced species, and the six lined racerunner.


Answer by  SallyManda (308)

There are several common lizards in Georgia. Green and brown anoles are very visible around houses. You may see an introduced gecko species on houses at night. There are several species of skinks and legless glass lizards. Fence lizards may be seen on structures like fences. Racerunners are also common.


Answer by  HUNM25 (713)

Alligator lizards are popular in the Georgia and they have several specie types and they come under the family category Anguidae. Spiny and hornet lizards are also very common in the Georgia region.


Answer by  Dragon7 (150)

Georgia has seventeen species of lizard. The most common species are probably the Five-Lined Skink, the Green Anole, and the Eastern Fence Lizard. But the species richness varies heavily by locality.

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