Question by  nbuzz (11)

What are some breeds of domestic rabbits?

I want to get one for a pet, but I don't know what to look for.


Answer by  hulmer (1067)

Well! There are plenty to chose from, and I do mean plenty! Some of the more popular are: Cinnamon, Dutch, Himalayan, Holland Lop, and Lionhead! Research and find out which one best suits your lifestyle! Good luck with your new friend.


Answer by  morgdl (42)

The Florida White is a small white rabbit with ruby eyes. It was sometimes used for experiments because of it's white color and clear eyes. The Florida White is small to medium sized, and weighs between three and five pounds.


Answer by  shortNscrappy (23)

I have a 7 year old Mini Lop Eared rabbit. This breed is great as a pet because it is small and easy to pick up (my bunny only weighs 3 lbs.). They are very social and easy to litter box train. Their appearance is cute because their ears hang down.


Answer by  Tessninky (224)

The most common breed of domestic rabbits for sale are the dwarf rabbits. They generally weigh between five and seven pounds and are cute and cuddly companions. They are also the most durable because they can live up to twelve years.

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