Question by  stephenk2010 (293)

What are some behavior modification techniques for parenting?


Answer by  Dee52 (88)

One technique that often works when trying to change a child's behavior is using a reward method. Create a chart with visable cues for the child. Use stickers or stars to make postive behaviors on the chart and offer a reward at the end of each week.


Answer by  statistic (12)

Positive reinforcement is a very effective way to modify a child's behavior. You reward the child when they are behaving properly, but you do not tolerate bad behavior. Ignoring the bad behavior, taking the reward out of the attention-seeking behavior, is one way to do this.


Answer by  Trey (6)

There are numerous behavior modifications that parents can make in order to alter their child's bad behavior. Among the many, one psychological approach would be the act of ignoring the child's outcries when he/she does not receive what is being sought.Ignoring a child's tantrum would simply cause them to seek attention via another method.


Answer by  jjpallad (34)

One of common behavior modification techiques is time out, in which a misbehaving child is removed from the situation where the misbehavior occurred for some specified period of time.


Answer by  timeismoney (994)

First count a positive behavior you are interested in seeing occur more frequently. Then provide positive reinforcement (rewards) for its occurrence. Then fade the reward to a less frequent schedule. Then fade the reward altogether.


Answer by  cpxi (191)

One good technique is to help the child connect his or her actions with the consequences and make them responsible for fixing any problems their actions might have caused. For example, if a child hurts their sibiling, the parent can point out that the sibiling is sad and ask the offender to comfort him or her.


Answer by  Gladys1111 (54)

The core of behavior modification are reinforcement and punishment. To use reinforcement, identify desired behaviors and make sure to praise or otherwise reward your child for those behaviors. The flip side is punishment, which involves providing an unpleasant consequence (such as a scolding) when the child engages in an inappropriate behavior.

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