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Question by  mtrat07 (15)

What are some easy behavior modification techniques to use with a child whom has asperger's?

My son was recently diagnosed with aspergers and I need help in discipline and behavior modification.


Answer by  SylviaStickles (182)

Time-outs can be effective. Depending on your child's age and attention span, time-outs can vary from just a couple of minutes to up to 10 minutes. Make sure to be firm and consistent with your child. Positive reinforcement for good behavior is also very effective.


Answer by  abdul (29)

The child with asperger's should be train to engage in developing in a social skill training. In order for his/her to develp somr interpersonal interaction towards every person around him.


Answer by  katmandu (190)

Focus on behaviors you want to obtain rather than those you don't and use reward systems. Use a chart with stars. Each desirable behavior gets a star. Then reward certain numbers of stars with rewards, 5 stars = a piece of candy, 10 stars = an outing, etc. Be sure goals are attainable and rewards are what he likes.


Answer by  tlcinmn (76)

The best method I have used and seen is "The Incredible 5 Point Scale" by Buron and Curtis. You will be able to find this book easliy by doing a search on Amazon or any other book site. This method, using a colorful scale, helps children with Asperger's have a way to understand and appropriately express themselves.


Answer by  smokey0513 (11)

Put your child into a mental health program, recommended by your psychologist. Use step by step process to show your child how to function correctly.Trial and error, don't lose patience with your child it is a long process but in the end your child will grow to be a regular kid if you treat him/her accordingly.


Answer by  Kazekami (197)

It is important to be supportive and understanding. The CAT kit helps with communicating emotions. I also recommnd books by Tony Atwood and Temple Gradin.


Answer by  Nacholin (25)

First of all, you're always the role of your child as a person, you might be a father or mother, but your son will be there. Play, talk, and beyourself.

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