Question by  saabmeister (15)

What are some affordable honeymoon ideas?

My fiance and I would like a romantic honeymoon that will not break the bank as we are saving for a new home.


Answer by  dolphin9 (195)

Cruises, right now, are a very affordable option. Cruise companies have greatly lowered prices, due to the economy. Try a cruise to nowhere, which eliminates port expenses.


Answer by  Duncan (1124)

You should consider what is known as a stay-cation. Instead of spending money flying or cruising somewhere, find a hotel or spa experience close to home. By saving on travel (and travel time) you can have a delightful honeymoon that doesn't break the bank.


Answer by  Darkephoenix (1789)

Is there a bed and breakfast in your area? They tend to cater to newlyweds and often have discounts on romantic getaways. Congratulations.


Answer by  kfelicetti (235)

Spend your honeymoon somewhere in your own country. Maybe a beach that is only a few hours away. Travel by car and don't stay in an expensive hotel.

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