Question by  Pac (30)

What are response to heglian idealism key contributors and principle issues?

I need to understand heglian idealism key contributors and principle issues.


Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

Hegelian idealism's key contributors come from various types of philosophical idealism. The key idea in all of them is that reality can be understood by the mind. The principle issues deal with how much we can know and how we can know it - the world is not separate from us - we are always part of it.


Answer by  shaji (38)

First of all, Hegel argued against Schelling that the pathway to a truly "scientific" absolute idealism could not be based merely on an immediate intuition (whether intellectual or aesthetic) but instead had to be conceptually articulated and discursively mediated. Hegel also held that previous forms of thought do not lead just accidentally or haphazardly to his own thought.

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