Question by  katie1735 (17)

What are "normative ethics"?


Answer by  NapLajoieonSteroids (7)

"Normative ethics" is the categorical name on the branch of ethics which attempts to examine and elucidate upon how one ought to morally act. "Normative ethics" has classically fallen into several schools: Aristotelian virtue-ethics; Kantian deontology; consequentialism or utilitarianism. Despite disagreement among the schools of thought, all concern themselves with the application of moral thought and action in everyday life.


Answer by  Forestghost (12)

When we study normative ethics, we are looking at what is universally right and wrong. This is not about individual beliefs, but instead about a global, social understanding of right and wrong. For example, 'murder is wrong' is a topic in normative ethics, a murderer is always a bad person.


Answer by  CharlotteB (54)

Normative ethics is the formulation of right and wrong in human behavior. It attempts to rationalize and examine what is the morally correct thing to do in a given situation. It's goal is to create a standard of ethics as a guide line for right and what wrong in society.

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