Question by  bjc (354)

Is there a normal or expected work ethic associated with alcoholics?


Answer by  Lexie (115)

I believe that the expected work ethics for an alcohlic is that their habit should not effect their work in any way. I also think that they shouldn't drink on the job.


Answer by  makingmoney (110)

Unfortunately, when an indiviudal has a problem that is known by management-there is a tendency to overlook sloppy work. There is forgiveness given that is not applied to other employees.


Answer by  JanieB (6)

How well an alcoholic is able to work depends on how functional he/she is. I would probably say that a known alcoholic (known to be an alcoholic by his/her employer) is generally given less responsibility than non-alcoholic peers. In short, I do not believe there are many expectations when it comes to alcoholics in the workplace.


Answer by  Jessie124 (1885)

Alcoholics tend not to have a work ethic. The ones I have known (and worked with) have been only worried about where and when their next drink is coming from. It's difficult to work with a hang over, and your boss and coworkers can smell the alcohol on you the day after a bender no matter how well you bathe.


Answer by  jclick (1561)

If you have a friend or relative who is an alcoholic it is best to recommend a treatment program. Alcoholism is a serious situation that can affect one's work and family.


Answer by  craig24 (48)

I believe alcoholics' work ethic is usually perceived as being non-existent in most cases. Drinking can and usually does cause physical and mental inability, along with demotivation in some cases. The inverse could be said also, however, by saying they work hard to feed their addiction.


Answer by  kamal1942 (21)

Yes. All the persons in the work place have to follow certain rules and regulations to keep the work going in a smooth way. This also applies to those who are addicted in one the other way. We must have special rules framed for those who do not behave normal.Everybody is bound by the social laws.


Answer by  LouB (294)

Alcoholics should not be held to different standards when it comes to their work performance. They should be expected to do the same standard of work as other employees. There may be times when the alcoholic needs to attend meeting, so consideration must be made for this when the work schedule allows.

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