Question by  kgee (21)

What are normal post op instructions for gallbladder surgery?


Answer by  Rathi (108)

You can start drinking fluids soon after coming out of the anaesthesia. This may take about 4 hours after the operation. You can eat yogurt, toast and tea.


Answer by  sara99 (851)

Do not have spicy or greasy foods until your surgery is healed. No stressful activities such as vacuuming should be attempted during this time. Be prepared with diarrhea prevention medicine.


Answer by  jeevi28586 (34)

Some of the instructions to be followed after a gall bladder surgery , that is the patient have to do deep breathing exercises in order to overcome a dysnoea. they have to be more diet conscious. they have to take the diet according to the diet chart given by dieticians. they should strictly follow the doctors instructions.

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