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Question by  Jon53 (20)

Is it safe to undergo gallbladder surgery during pregnancy?

I am only 3 months pregnant, so the surgery can not wait until after the baby is born. What are the risks?


Answer by  TinaMorrison (84)

There is always risk with any surgery but the longer you wait the greater the risk of sending you into early labor. At only 3 months the surgery is not as invasive as if you are say 32 weeks. Then they have to make the old cut across your stomach.


Answer by  Advisor (1032)

No surgery is ideal during pregnancy, but gallbladders can often be removed laproscopically so will be mimally invasive to the developing fetus. The larger concern is the general anesthesia required to prepare for surgery. Discuss with your doctor any alternatives and get second opinion. If the gallbladder is not likely to rupture, consider dealing with the discomfort until after delivery.


Answer by  Scook9989 (43)

The sooner the procedure is done the better, because then the uterus does not get in the way and complicate the surgery. Anesthesia however is always a concern during pregnancy.


Answer by  Sarah5482 (120)

There is no significant risk to the fetus during surgery. Although, manipulation to the abdominal cavity can cause a pre-term labor or miscarriage.

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