Question by  Sarathms (6)

What are Microsoft Words keyboard shortcuts in alphabetical order?

I need all of Words shortcut keys.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

ctrl+a = select all ctrl+c = copy ctrl+f = find ctrl+p = print ctrl+s = save ctrl+v = paste ctrl+x = cut ctrl+y = redo ctrl+z = undo


Answer by  Lynette54 (13)

Bold - Ctrl + B Copy - Ctrl + C Cut - Ctrl + X Help - F1 Italic - Ctrl + I New Document - Ctrl + N Open - Ctrl + O Page Break - Ctrl + Enter Paste - Ctrl + V Print - Ctrl + P Redo - Ctrl + Y Saves As - F12 Underline - Ctrl + U Undo - Ctrl + Z


Answer by  dracon420 (249)

The 20-30 word limit will not let me put in that amount. However, there is the website that contains the info. just copy and paste it. /kb/290938


Answer by  amitkachewar (25)

first you select the word the shortcut key :ctrl+A , sft+A to change the latter in capital latter. ctrl+c - copy the word, ctrl+V to paste the word, ctrl+Z to the ando, ctrl+F to open the file menu, ctrl+p to the print the page, ctrl+u to selected word underline, it is shortcutkey of the microsoft words


Answer by  Abed (51)

ctrl+A: select all ctrl+B: make text bold ctrl+C: Copy ctrl+D: font box appears ctrl+E: center text ctrl+F: search and find ctrl+G: find and replace


Answer by  belindagold (39)

Keyboard short-cuts are really Macros. You can print the complete list (over 1000 shortcuts) by going to Macros ---> Macros in -----> Word Commands ----->List Commands -----> Word Commands. This will print the COMPLETE list of Microsoft Word Keyboard Short cuts, IN alpha order


Answer by  EdwardQuinn (5)

I have taken a look at various resources that list the microsoft word keyboard shortcuts, and there are simply too many keyboard shortcuts to answer this question with 50 to 60 words. Therefore, I would suggest that this question be reviewed to allow a longer answer to be given for quality purposes.


Answer by  depika3 (156)

First ctrl+a selected all words,ctrl+c selected document are copied,alt+e open the edit menu,alt+f open the file menu , alt+i open the insert menu ,ctrl+v paste the copy of text.


Answer by  vijayparttimejob (2254)

Ctrl + A,Ctrl + B,Ctrl + C,Ctrl + E,Ctrl + F,Ctrl + I,Ctrl + J,Ctrl + K,Ctrl +L,Ctrl + M,Ctrl + P,Ctrl + R,Ctrl + T,Ctrl + U,Ctrl + V,Ctrl + X,Ctrl + Y,Ctrl + Z,Ctrl + Shift + F, Ctrl + Shift + >,Ctrl + ],Ctrl + Shift + <,Ctrl + [,Ctrl + Shift + *,Ctrl + ,Ctrl + ,Ctrl + ,Ctrl + ,


Answer by  Heffer (122)

Alt+ctrl+m, alt+f10, alt+f5, alt+ctrl+1, alt+ctrl+2, alt+ctrl+3, ctrl+shift+l, alt+ctrl+k, f3 or alt+ctrl+v, ctrl+b, ctrl+shift+f5, ctrl+page down, ctrl+page up, alt+ctrl+home, esc, ctrl+e, shift+f3, shift+left, shift+right, alt+f4, alt+shift+c, ctrl+shift+enter, ctrl+shift+f8, ctrl+c, ctrl+shift+c, shift+f2, alt+f3, alt+ctrl+=, alt+ctrl+num +, alt+ctrl+-

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