Question by  Pauletta (24)

What are lockers?

Pertaining to vehicles, what are lockers? I have a Land Rover and heard the mechanic mention lockers.


Answer by  mf (22)

I think that the phrase "locker" is the differential lock on the 4wd. The differential lock makes the wheels spin equally on both sides and not induvidually. This is usefull when you drive through tough terrain and need the same amount of traction on all wheels. mud, grass and mountain driving.


Answer by  chrissimo (27)

If you have ever been stuck in the mud or snow in a two wheel drive car with an open differential, only one tire spins, no traction! On a car with a locked differential or lockers both tires provide traction. On a four wheel drive if the front and rear differentials have lockers all tires provide traction.


Answer by  steve244 (11)

The lockers are the gear mechanism that locks the wheels into four wheeled drive. On older vechilcles they needed to be manually locked.


Answer by  jackburton (21)

Lockers are devices that that lock up the axels to force both tires on that axel to turn at the same time, thereby giving you twice as much traction.

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