Question by  talisa (137)

What are laminated cabinets made of?

I thought laminate was plastic. So are the cabinets plastic?


Answer by  mturk31459 (72)

Start with the noun laminate. All it means is layers of material bonded together. Plywood is laminated wood. It depends on what materials were used in production.


Answer by  lorad (15)

Laminate cabinets are made from layers of kraft paper bonded together by a high-pressure method. They are then covered with a decorative layer and a plastic sealant.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

When the cabinets are made a base layer of cheaper material gets a fancier material glued on top. Typically the cabinets structures are made with particle style wood material. This is overlayed with a plastic or wood based material. This make the cabinet cheaper and easier to construct. However the lamination can lift and chip but can be replaced later.


Answer by  RedShift (177)

Laminated cabinets are made of several layers of different materials. These can include both wood and plastic with the wood placed on top as a veneer. This type cabinet has good strength and durability.

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