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Question by  suzyq16 (47)

What can you tell me about painting laminate cabinets?

I need to paint my laminate cabinets.


Answer by  Brittanyyc (33)

First start by removing all hardware, handles and hinges. Then, using sand paper, sand all surfaces of the cabinet and the cabinets door. After sanding is complete, vacume all dust and wipe down all surfaces. Use a water based paint and brush on with a roller. Allow to dry overnight.


Answer by  pete74 (97)

First you need to apply a product that helps bind the paint to the laminate. It can be found at hardware stores and it creates a rough finish.


Answer by  kaf2050 (94)

For best finish spray or use foam roller to replicate factory finish. Any paint can be sprayed with right equipment.


Answer by  kmcnabb (10)

Remove all cabinets and brackets. Clean with Windex to remove the build up of grease and dirt, let dry. Thrn lightly sand with sandpaper to make surface a little rough so the new primer and paint will stick to the cabinets. Be sure to wipe off any dust before applying your paint.


Answer by  lamontepenn (26)

You must use a primer. Make that you get a bonding primer. Bonding primer is for slick surfaces. Once you prime then you can apply the paint.

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