Question by  muffinx1 (232)

What are good vacations for a teenager?

I want her to have fun WITH HER FAMILY! Shocking, right?


Answer by  whothefckisthat (154)

Since you're going with her family, you need a good vacation for a family, not just teenagers. A beach resort is always a good and versatile place to have vacation.


Answer by  qos (226)

Tyring to entertain a teen, with the family is a challenge! Two things that can work, are vacations that are based around an activity or an adventure. These aren't always more expensive than a normal vacation and being half way up a mountain or diving 10 metres under the sea are great ways to avoid the usual arguments!


Answer by  littlegee (192)

If she enjoys nature, hiking trips at a national park will allow for great views, learning, and family bonding. If she likes shopping/ the city a trip to New York, Los Angeles, etc will allow for fun and entertainment and bonding. It all depends on what she likes to do.


Answer by  HotWheelz (317)

A great vacation place is somewhere where your teenager's intrests and your intersts can both be met. Choose a big city like Atlanta or New York where there are many things to do. You can go to the museum that you like and the stores that she likes too.

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