Question by  Twixx (17)

What are causes of low voltage in house circuit breaker?

There is something in my house that is causing the voltage in my house to be lower than it used to be.


Answer by  msnuser111 (163)

too high of a draw on the circuit would be the first thing to check,after that,check the voltage going into the breaker,it is normal? how much of a difference is it between in and out on the breaker? it is possible the breaker isn't making good contact.


Answer by  Lakshmi65 (715)

Usually low voltage means the capacity of supply of current is low when compared with normal supply. Cause for low voltage would be be of short-circuit.


Answer by  DavidSmall (28)

Voltage is always point to point. At most outlets, there is "hot", "neutral"(or)"return", and "ground". Measure between hot<->neutral (120VAC) and hot<->ground (120VAC) (top circular pin), then ground<->neutral (0 VAC). If one of these shows different, that's the wire to follow to the breaker panel. Possibly it's the connection at street!

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