Question by  ekitty13 (40)

What are bugs that look like ticks with pincers?


Answer by  BobSmithpwns (165)

You are probably referring to the insects called Pseudoscorpions. Pseudoscorpions are also called Chelonethida. Pseudoscorpions are very small like ticks and but have pincers like scorpions. Pseudoscorpions bodies looks very similar to ticks to an average person.


Answer by  hwht25 (441)

Oh I know what your talking about those are mites or little clovers. They are very annoying as they can cause an itch.


Answer by  BugGuy (31)

This is most problably a pseudoscorpion. Pseudoscorpions look like 8 legged ticks with scorpion pincers, but they have no tail as a scorpion would. They feed on insects and present no danger to human beings.


Answer by  wigglewasp (781)

Since i don't know how many legs it has or any markings than it's probably a type of beetle then.


Answer by  comom (32)

A pseudoscorpion looks like a tick with front pincers. Basically it looks a lot like a small scorpion that is missing its rear stinger.

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