Question by  shaluva1 (16)

What are basic motorcycle engine differences?

I'm a first time motorcycle buyer.


Answer by  GPZ750X (32)

In What Context? V-Twins? Thumpers? 2-4-6 cylinders? Because you are new I would recommend something between 350cc-500cc (Cubic Centimeters), basically something you can ride safely one the freeways. I HIGHLY recommend that you visit some dealerships who can fit you with the right bike for you needs and area.


Answer by  KingOfTheMountain (7)

On motorcycles you have basically 3 types: Twins, Triples, and 4 cylinders. Twins are what you find in Ducati's, Harleys, and BMW motorcycles. They tend to have a lot of low end grunt, they are not obnoxious engines and like to be in the low RPM's. 4 clinders make more power at higher RPMs, these are the crotch rockets you hear at the races, the higher you rev the more power you make, if you are in the low range, turning the throttle might not make you move as fast as you want so it really is a trade off. Triples are about in the middle, but lean towards 4 cylinders a little more. V configuration engines have traction advantages but I won't get into that.


Answer by  Grish34 (42)

The engine size which is commonly referred to as "cc" or cubic centimeters is the basic difference. The higher the number does not mean that you will receive more horsepower. You can have a 250cc motorcycle that will produce 20hp or 60hp depending on the mechanical factors.


Answer by  hubb (47)

The main differances are "air cooled" and "water cooled. " The other differances are cylinder placement and amount of cylinders. The types are "V-Twin, inline, single, V-four.


Answer by  jayamurugarajaap (26)

the basic two types of engines are two stroke engine and four stroke engine. in two stroke engine the combustion and display of piston takes place in two strokes. in four stroke engine,this action takes four strokes. four stroke engine is more fuel efficient than the two stroke engine.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

The basic classifications are displacement(cc's) and orientation(twin, etc..). The displacement is related to power. The bigger the displacement the more potential to produce power. Layout is simply how the engine and it's cylinder are placed. Domestic bikes tend to run a v-twin style engine where as imports usually have inline's.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

On street-bikes the main differences is layout and displacement. Displacement referees to the amount of volume inside the engines cylinders. More displacement equals more power but also means a bigger, heavier bike. Layout refers to the orientation of the bike. The most common ones are twins and inlines. Twins are found more on your cruiser and inlines in sportbikes.


Answer by  aratliff (111)

The main difference is the displacement, which is the bore size of the motor. Also the amount of cc's or cubic centimeters of the engine.

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