Question by  Tam (24)

What advice can you give me on growing caladiums?

I live in the southeast and would like to start a new garden to include caladiums.


Answer by  loribugher (462)

Caladiums are great outdorr plants, but are only hardy to zone 10. If you are North of that, you will have to bring them inside for the winter. But they are beautiful. They like shade or partial shade, and rich soil.


Answer by  PlantLover (142)

They are a bulb that hates cool soil so ground temps need to be at least 65 degrees before planting the bulbs.


Answer by  cody (1331)

they are easy to grow and they like the shaded part of your garden so don't put them where a lot of sun is


Answer by  thewindrose (642)

Caladiums prefer partial to full shades. Since they originate from the tropics, they prefer humid climates. The plants can be grown as an outdoor annual only.

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