Question by  diynut (38)

What advice can you give me for a belated wedding reception?

I was married last summer and will be having a wedding reception this spring.


Answer by  happystarfruit (29)

The one thing you want to let people know for sure either in the save-the-dates or invitations, is that the actual ceremony was already held the summer before. You may also want to include the exact date, just so they don't feel left out.


Answer by  lillybby (359)

A great idea is to include as much of the ceremony day as poosible. If you have photos or video from the ceremony you can have a montage made(short movie with your favorite music) and played up on a screen at the reception so guests can see


Answer by  MelindaS (1694)

Make sure you get your invitations out early, and have your guests RSVP. Try to make the decor wedding-like, but also keep it light. People are attending a celebration of your wedding, which has already taken place, and you want them to enjoy themselves. Keep the focus on your joyous marriage, and enjoy yourselves!


Answer by  kitkat123 (177)

Go for a relaxed reception. Devise ways to make your guests feel part of, or recall, the wedding service. Show video, pictures-- anything to make them feel included.

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