Question by  toadlilly (27)

Should you put felt down between the subfloor and wood?


Answer by  willywager (52)

Yes. Putting felt down between the subfloor and new wood floors is a great way to keep your new wood floors integrity. It acts as a vapor barrier, helps to dampen noise below if there is a basement, keeps any moisture that is below from seeping up into the subfloor, and then into the new wood floor.


Answer by  anyone (133)

No. If you put down a woodfloor on top of a cement floor you can use just glue or a special wood floor pad that helps absorb moisture and helps make the wood quieter. If the sub floor is wood then you can use glue, nails and a wood floor pad if desired to make a better sound.


Answer by  Jeff5761 (109)

Yes you should always put a layer of felt or synthetic vapor retarder between the subfloor and hardwood floors. This will help prevent your floor from cupping due to moisture.


Answer by  jbuhr06 (126)

Using felt or tar paper between the subfloor and wood floor acts mostly as a vapor barrier. It is not absolutely necessary but it will reduce the moisture transfer between basement and main floor. It is easy to install and therefore is recommended.


Answer by  setrip (158)

Placing felt down is not necessary. Depending on which type of floor you use, you will need some type of padding underneath to provide some type of cushioning for the wood.

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