Question by  debbiewest (1)

Should staff who attend training before employment starts be paid for their attendance?

Do employers have to pay staff for attending training days before they actually start employment? Staff have been told verbally they have the job. They do not have contracts yet, and no start date as the care home has no clients as yet.


Answer by  malone (4817)

Employees should be paid for their time in training. That is simply the cost of doing business. However, there is no law that requires that employees be paid to train. It's up to the applicants to convey disagreement by saying "No, thanks!"


Answer by  bl834 (1317)

I say yes. Assuming the employer is requiring the training as a condition of employment, the staff wouldn't otherwise need the training.


Answer by  nrsims (29)

Any time spent at required work related events should be paid. It may not be that they are paid the same amount as they would be paid for work time, but some sort of compensation should be given. This also depends on how much time is spent during the training.


Answer by  itsame (275)

Any training for a position within a company should always be compensated. Just because a contract has not been signed, work for the benefit of the company is being done.


Answer by  cafish (2035)

It would be nice to be paid, but if you agree to their policy of no pay, don't expect it. It is not a good sign if there are no clients in the care home. But you could participate in the training and look at it as a free education. Use it on your resume for your future employment.

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