Question by  worker3978 (8)

Should I stay in the closet?

It is really dark in here and I am not sure if I should come out or not, seriously my parents have no idea that I am gay.


Answer by  John (9008)

You have to come out. It is very difficult to do, but waiting will not make things better. It is not fair to yourself or your parents to live a lie. You will eventually meet someone with whom you want to spend your life, and your parents will be more accepting if they already know that you are gay.


Answer by  MelvinVanhorn (826)

It will probably be less painful in the long run for them to know. Also, could they find out some other way? That could possibly be worse.


Answer by  and1lpfan (356)

Most parents have an idea when their child is gay, but they are afraid to ask, just like you are afraid to tell. Just let them know.


Answer by  amber33 (1941)

Your parents may not know that you are gay. However for your own freedom from your self I would tell them, the sooner you tell them the better for everyone in your family. I think you should be honest with your self and them. Good Luck!

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