Question by  kevinHowe (27)

Should I see a chiropractor for dizziness?

I have been dizzy for 2 weeks now.


Answer by  turtleclubber (33)

A chiropractor might be able to help with dizziness if the cause is skeletal-muscular. Sometimes dizziness can be from a physiological condition. A general practitioner might be needed.


Answer by  Ava (192)

Yes, of course. But first stop drinking and see how you feel. Next, get off the carousel as soon as the music stops and see how you feel. Then take "Vertigo" back to Blockbuster, pay the fine, and see how you feel. Then consult with a chiropractor that is licensed to do acupuncture.


Answer by  sillysigma (6)

Yes, you absolutely should see a chiropractor for your dizziness. They are able to perform various manipulation to your spine that could correct your dizziness. This dizziness could be a result of one or more joints being out of place. They could be easily manipulated back into place by a certified chiropractor.


Answer by  rbrim (72)

I would not see a chiropractor for dizziness. I would see a medical doctor instead. A chiropractor may be able to treat muscle and bone injuries but not brain injuries.


Answer by  Dipdipdive (10)

Chiropractors have not been proven to have effects on anything but certain back pains. It would be best to just see a regular doctor for your dizziness.


Answer by  Lordschild (1398)

That depends on the cause of your dizziness. If it is due to a pinched nerve because of a misalignment of your spine then a chiropractor might help.


Answer by  Dturk (132)

I would not see a chiropractor for the symptom you are feeling, since chiropractors are MDs with very specified practices. Try going to your family doctor first to see if you can narrow down what is causing these feelings of dizziness. The cause may not be something a chiropractor treats.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

You should probably consult with your family doctor who can figure out which specialist you might need to see. Dizziness is a symptom for several different medical problems.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

No start with an internist. Begin with checking for drops in blood pressure. Also have your blood sugar analyzed as part of the exam.


Answer by  brilliantkumar (3)

No! Chiropractice is a less reliable thing which do not provides proofs. Dizziness is a physical problem,it is result of ill-functioning of body and not due to position of stars and planets.

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