Question by  R5girls (20)

Should I mist Boston ferns?


Answer by  worker5380 (44)

You should mist Boston ferns every day or so only if the relative humidity in the area is below approximately 80%.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

You should mist the Boston Fern pretty regularly. They are a tropical plant, so they like a lot of light and heat. However, it dries the soil out quickly. If you are in an area with harsh winters, definitely care for the fern indoors during the cold seasons. Other areas, many can get away with covering it up with straw.


Answer by  worker1235 (67)

Boston ferns absolutely must be misted at regular intervals when the humidity is below 85 percent. it is best to mist these daily, and also water frequently so the soil never dries out completely.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Definitely YES! Boston Ferns require a lot of humidity but hate soggy soil. Misting every other day is very beneficial for this plant, in filtered sunlight, but beware of keeping it in direct heat such as a radiator or heating vent, the fern will dry out rapidly and shed, as I just found to my chagrin!


Answer by  Jodie (551)

Yes, you should definitely mist your Boston Ferns. You should never pour water into the pot, as this may drown them. Also, they don't need to be in direct sunlight, indirect light is the best for ferns. You should mist them at least once daily with a very thorough misting.

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