Question by  triangular (148)

Should I lay ceramic tile on an uneven floor?


Answer by  mrt (56)

No, better not. There's so many things that can go wrong. If possible, try to get the floor even first and no matter what you intend to lay on it. If it's somehow impossible to get the floor even, try something you can replace easily later on. Like wood panels. Or parquette.


Answer by  TF (60)

Anythings possible, but not many will recommend doing it. Whatever happens make sure your tile has good coverage. On really uneven floors smaller the tile the better.


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

While you certainly can do this, it's typically a bad idea, as an uneven surface will eventually cause the tiles to crack and break, almost guaranteed.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

You should never put a floor down on an uneven surface. Tile put down on and uneven surface can crack and lift. Always level or replace the uneven floor before tiling.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

You should never lay any type of flooring on top of an uneven floor. Always install a new sub floor or level the old one out first.

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