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Question by  LexiLynn (28)

Should I be worried if I have a copper IUD and no period?


Answer by  SqueakyFrancis (31)

Unlike birth control pills, there are no hormones in a copper IUD that would affect your natural cycle, either stabilizing it (if you didn't have very consistent periods in the past) or stopping it. They're still very effective at preventing pregnancy, but if you're worried then take a pregnancy test.


Answer by  treasureteepee (106)

It is very common for all women, of any age to miss an occasional period. It is not something to be alarmed about or overly concerned with. As a precaution, a pregnancy test should be performed. No matter what kind of contraception is used, no method is 100% effective, leaving room for possible pregnancy.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

I was told that you might not get a period after you have an IUD put in. Though, I would consult with your doctor that put the IUD in if you have any concerns about your body. There could be something else going on that you don't know about.


Answer by  Katie6529 (56)

I would not be worried unless it continues not happening. Just to make sure you should take a pregnancy test. But copper IUD's are knowns to dramatically reduce your menstrual flow and cramping. When in doubt give your doctor a call.

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