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Question by  sunil (17)

Should I be concerned about a crack in my basement wall?


Answer by  Anonymous

25 yrs ago we had 2 cracks in 2 locations. MINOR cracks. Made sure drain spouts were ALWAYS working far from the grade of the foundation. Watched no water puddled next to house. Painted the inside with basement sealant paint. No problem in all these years!


Answer by  mpelle (343)

Yes, a crack can mean a lose foundation. Also when it rains the water can seep through that crack and flood your basement. One crack can also mean that more may be close to forming and there may be some that you can't see that are on the outside of the walls. Get it checked as soon as possible.


Answer by  benauerbach (4)

I would say yes. Your basement is likely below ground on 3 to 4 sides. The crack is an entry way for water, which could mean damage to anything you keep down there. I would recommend having it repaired by a professional in your area, before the crack gets worse.

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