Question by  Chris10 (21)

How do you go about insulating basement walls?

I am doing all the work myself.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

The best method is to use styrofoam and a construction adhesive. Coat the wall with the adhesive and press the sheets of insulating styrofoam to the walls. If you want to finish the walls you may build stud walls and stand them up again the concrete and then install fiberglass roll insulation to the stud walls.


Answer by  tmstp6207 (43)

Caulk cracks/seal walls with waterproof-sealant. Frame wall with 2"x4"s. use fiberglass insulation or foam board to insulate. Staple plastic over as a vapor barrier and then install drywall over that.


Answer by  DavidS (1517)

If you have wood framed walls you can purchase roll insulation the same thickness as the studs. For concrete or block walls you can either install furring strips and staple on rolled insulation or you can purchase 4 x 8 panels of sterofoam sheeting and glue them to the walls.


Answer by  Lorah (114)

Depending on the material your basement is made out off, brick, concreat, ect. Vaper barriour your wall then build a 2x4 wall over top off your outside basement wall. Insulate this new 2x4 wall with R20 pink batted insulation, then insulate overtop with R12. This will give you an R32 value of insulation.

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