Question by  alicia47 (227)

My son tested positive for Lyme disease and was diagnosed with inner ear hearing loss. What should I do?


Answer by  sarabeth (170)

Find a doctor who will treat the disease on a long term basis. Also try for every non conventional treatment out there. It is a lifetime disease, not a get a medicine and you are cured. Quinine has been known to help many Lyme patients. The hardest battle is to find a doctor for the long run.


Answer by  vikkyrs (377)

I think it is the second stage of Lyme disease. An elisa test can confirm it. Treatment is to be started immediately. In the initial stages, taking antibiotics like doxycycline and amoxicillin orally will do good. Second or third stage may require an administration of intravenous drugs like ceftriaxone or penicillin G. Consult your doctor.

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