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Question by  hotrod7301 (1)

My Sabre lawn tractor 1483GS won't turn over. Can you help me troubleshoot it? Could it be the key switch or a safety switch?

I have owned it since it was new 12/98. Never had any problems. The battery is hot, new solenoid.


Answer by  laurence (90)

Often riding lawn mowers have springs in the seat that work as safety contacts for the starter. Make sure these aren't corroded or rusty and someone is seated in the seat to make the contacts. If OK, check to see if the starter is getting power with a VOM meter.


Answer by  silli586 (1103)

It is most likely the safety switch, but your best bet would be to consult the guide book. You don't want to switch something accidently.


Answer by  carlady (182)

I think that a safety switch is possibility, you should inspect the tractor for any popped switches or even spark plugs that need to be replaced. Also sometimes the battery gets jiggled loose if you just replaced it might not have been properly installed. I would caution you that you should be careful when working with it.


Answer by  AlexandruLupu (4)

It may be the safety switch, check out the safety switch because the key doesn't have any whit the turns its for the engine :) hope i helped you. Good luck

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