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Question by  PeuFeuDeux (29)

My PS3 update failed, what should I do?


Answer by  Edfire (120)

The first thing to do is to curse the PS3 garbage network, then delete the failed update from the memory. Then reinstall the update. Should the update still fail you should get in contact with Sony and have one of their help lines help you solve the problem, it should be outlined in your user guide


Answer by  mick123 (6)

just restart the system and try again, it will eventually be successful. Sometimes the system update only updates to about 5% or less and freezes. I don't know if it is the server or the PlayStation network but this happens to mine all the time. I just restart and try againand it usually works.


Answer by  Ian86 (28)

If your Playstation 3 update has failed it could be for several reasons. First off if you already have the latest update you will not be able to get one. If not it could be your internet connection, if your connection is having issues you may want to make sure that it's working properly. If you still can call Sony.


Answer by  BobSmith (24)

You should reinstall the lasted Firmware update. If that fails you should reinstall the whole operating system. If that fails and warranty is still active send it in.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well make sure that you have a solid wireless connection and the try again. If it still won't update then you might need to contact Sony to see how to resolve the issue. Check online if it gives you an error code of some sort.


Answer by  nala347 (56)

You should attempt to update again and if that doesn't work I would recommend calling customer support, or restoring your Play Station 3 to factory settings and restore your data.


Answer by  AHHPS3FAilURE (19)

Go Online and get tech support regarding your PS3, or Call Sony up and ask them what can be done. In a situation like this its really up to the manufacturer to help you, not the place where you purchased the PS3.


Answer by  ken555555555 (4)

I would try to redo the update several times. If that still fails then I would call sony to see if they could help me with my problem


Answer by  Proth (155)

It is possible to update the PS3 firmware using an USB stick. The firmware can be downloaded on Sony's website and then transferred to an USB stick.

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