Question by  dustybrushes (6)

My husband signed a quit claim deed to put the house into trust. Does he get half the interest in the property in the event of divorce?

The trust attorney says "no" but the divorce attorney says "yes."


Answer by  Stardancer (295)

Signing a quit claim deed relinquishes all interest in the property being deeded, so the house is the property of the trust. The terms of the trust would determine if your husband is entitled to any interest in the house. The trust attorney knows the terms of the trust agreement, if he says "no" it's likely he is right.


Answer by  1234563 (112)

Yes, your husband will be entitled to half of all assets in the event of a divorce unless you both signed a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage.


Answer by  dustybrushes (6)

I feel that the house is mine, he freely signed the quit claim deed 4 years ago to put it in trust. Due to DV and assault, I removed him from trust. No divorce filed yet. My entire wages went on house principle and int for many years

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