Question by  zbeard (1)

My husband has been changing security information on my accounts, like Comcast and bank accounts. What should I do?

We've been separated for two years. I don't know he has done. He's great in computer programming.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

That's not "computer programming." That's computer fraud. Contact the police, as well as Comcast, your bank and all other accounts. It's likely he has all your security info and passwords.


Answer by  nydebi (12)

Contact a lawyer immediately to report him and ask how to proceed. Also, change your passwords and security information on these accounts right away.


Answer by  Qwedsa (96)

Inform your bank you believe you have been the victim of identity fraud. You may need to visit your branch with identifying documents. Also, take your computer to a repair service to have them check for any malware such as keyloggers.


Answer by  jamie11 (604)

This is illegal first of all especially since you are separated. You need to get with bank and Comast and set up a unique password or security question so he cannot do this. If you have evidence of him doing this, he can be in trouble with the law too.

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