Question by  tanaloo (16)

My computer won't let me play a game because of 3d graphics card, how can I fix this?


Answer by  Tails (130)

If a game doesn't start, it is mostly because of an incompatibility with either the operating system, the video card, or its driver. Try updating your card's driver first.


Answer by  knightmare (1231)

You may need a better video card in your PC. Most current video games require current video cards. This is why on the video game box it should have minimum specifications, like: Windows XP, 1GB RAM, ATI9600XT or GeForce 5800 or higher. ATI and nVidia make the video cards.


Answer by  willie (29)

You need to upgrade your existing graphics card Look for the minimum specs of the graphics card stated on the game box or package Purchase a new graphics cared that is at the minimum specs or above install your new card into your computer you will be able to play the game now


Answer by  PowerIsMe (844)

A 3D graphics card is a good thing, so you want to install drivers for your specific card. First try Windows Update (or Microsoft Update) and maybe Windows will automatically install the missing / outdated driver for you. Otherwise, check your system properties and head over to the manufacturer's website to download their latest driver release.


Answer by  jagadeeshpuvvula (9)

Just Buy A Graphic Card Sutiable For Your Pc Configuration And Fix It In The Slot Provided In The Mother Board. Graphic Card of 256 MB Are Suggestable

Reply by xDarkicex (30):
No 256MB is Not suitable if you want to play any current games 512MB's is a much more suitable base line anything lower and your FPS is going to crash on any current game at 1080p or above.  add a comment

Answer by  xDarkicex (30)

Buy a new Graphics card, call your computers company AKA DELL, HP or what ever and ask them what current GPU(Graphic Processing Unit)s you PC can support, also ask how many watts_your PSU(Power supply Unit) Has_compare this_to_the_card_they_suggest_make_sure_your_PSU_has_a_4pin_or6pin_connector_for_GPU and there you go I suggest the GTX 260 its around a 100$

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