Question by  jhitchin (92)

Is there such a thing as free monologues?

Or do you have to pay royalties?


Answer by  Edwina (22)

Yes, there are monologues that may be performed for free. You would need to check the usage conditions which are often listed in the script itself or available on the publisher's website. Many popular monologues are available royalty-free to students as part of their theatrical classwork.


Answer by  Laura89 (157)

Yes, there are free monologues. Anything in the public domain (aka anything that was published before copyright laws were in use or that doesn't have an estate attached to it) is open for use. Also, most copyrighted monologues can be used for auditions etc. without paying royalties.


Answer by  dee123 (51)

There certainly is such a thing as free monologues. As long as the work is in "public domain", it is free and you would not have to pay royalties. Many classic works like Shakespeare belong to the public domain.

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