Question by  Binay (29)

Is there such a thing as emotional molestation?


Answer by  Olive (1195)

Definitely. We human beings have feelings. When humans are abused emotionally, it has mental and physical consequences. Often bad words can harm more than physical blows. It can literally take a lifetime for someone who had been emotionally abused. Often the pattern of emotional abuse continues-those most likely to abuse others were abused themselves.


Answer by  brianadragon (78)

Molestation isn't always a physical act. If someone leads you into a false sense of security, then violates your trust through emotional manipulation, it can feel like a physical violation. Many people are emotionally sensitive, and could feel abused due to comments and mental traumas inflicted by another.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

There are many meanings and other terms that are often used for emotional molestation, some of which include emotional abuse. Yes, there is such a thing.


Answer by  Anonymous

yes, my step-dad would try to lock eyes with me by staring, it was a way he tried to force intimacy, which is like emotional molestation


Answer by  Anonymous

Absolutely. I've experienced it. Technically noone lays a finger on you but you're sexually degraded and invaded just the same.


Answer by  beefwoman (-24)

calling you a fat duck and smelling your lymph nodes

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