Question by  RandiKaye (39)

Is there such a thing as a peculator ground coffee course?

I was told I need to look into peculator ground coffee course.


Answer by  TacoRosado (38)

I think you meant to say course ground peculator coffee. And if you grind your own beans you could control how coarse or fine the grind of beans would be.


Answer by  gigglez (54)

No, there is not such thing as a peculater ground coffee course. For coffee you don't really need to take any courses.


Answer by  Nora28 (76)

I think you are talking about coarse ground coffee for percolators. When using percolators or French press coffee makers, you need your coffee grounds to be larger than when you use a coffee maker. This helps keep the sludge from the bottom of your cup when you're done drinking.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

I have never heard of a peculator ground coffee course. I do not think that there is one. If you are trying to get into coffee work then you should go to a factory that makes coffee and take a detour and see if you like that type of work.

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