Question by  prahlad40 (74)

Is there any evidence that a vegan diet is good for your health?


Answer by  Rhekyn (86)

No. There's evidence that veggies are good for health and that eating too much meat (as salty meal) tend to cause high blood pressure and elevation of cholesterol. But vegan diet are often poor in protein that we need to build muscle. So in fact it's still better to eat meat at least in small quantity.


Answer by  SashaDarkCloud (5764)

Actually, there are obvious reasons why the vegan diet is good for your health. It can help a lot with your heart and other body organs, keeps you regular, etc. The only problem is being a vegetarian/vegan can lower your sexual drive from the smaller dosage of protein. Though if you make sure to take supplements for that, good.


Answer by  MattK (1713)

There is neither good nor bad evidence that a vegan diet is good for your health. Humans are omnivorous animals, meaning they eat and metabolize both animal and vegetable proteins. Leaving one out requires the addition of minerals and proteins in the form of supplements or requiring a much larger diet to replace the missing calories.


Answer by  rajbharat (141)

No. If you follow the vegan diet, then you will lose some of the amino acids which is available only in meat and fish. So if you or anyone prefer to eat or follow the vegan diet, sooner or later the person will be losing some amino acids and stamina. So there is nothing to follow vegan diet.

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