Question by  GaryVentimiglia (21)

Is there any advice you can give to a single, lonely girl?

Being single isn't always bad, but sometimes around the holidays I get especially lonely.


Answer by  angel57 (78)

Being single is not bad at all. Only when you want a relationship, you should have one. But you should not be reclusive. You must socialise a bit if not too much. Visit friends and also relatives. During holidays, develop hobbies like reading,writing,swimming,clubs ones you like. Would be better if you had outdoor activities involving other people.


Answer by  bustindome (16)

If you need someone else to be happy in life, then you are not gonna be that happy in life at all. We all find security and companionship in relationships, but you have to learn to make yourself happy. Love will find you, you can't hunt it down.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

If you want to meet good guys, you have to go where the good guys are. Sign up to take golf lessons from a local golf pro and then start playing golf. There are 9 male golfers for every female golfer.


Answer by  whobesidesme (406)

A lot of people share that same feeling. I'm a believer that relationships are all about timing, so take care of yourself in all ways and I promise you some great guy will come along when you least expect it!


Answer by  Anonymous

try to remember that it is better to be single and fabulous than stuck in a bad relationship just so you don't have to be alone.

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