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Question by  DoctorGenius (29)

Is there a way to reduce the appearance of old scars?

I have a very old scar on my face that I would like to appear smaller than it is.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

There are alot of applications on the market, but they don't work. First check with your doctor and see there is a product that dull the scar. If not try a makeup stick under your foundation.


Answer by  kajal (13)

yes there is way by which u can reduce the appearance of your scars. u can use home remedies like applying potato juice on the affected area, regular use will show its effects. u can also apply Vitamin E Oil in small quantity which is a very good product for lightening scars or else Mexoderma cream will help u to lighten scars


Answer by  keiki (1376)

A dermatologist could do procedures like laser treatment to make the scar almost disappear, but you can also look at over-the-counter creams and see if they help.


Answer by  kruti (37)

. firstly you try to eat less oily and fast foods. that is the main reason for the appearance of signs of aging. also you can do some home remedies like you can apply the juice if potato which you can get by grinding potatoes with their skin only. you can also apply milk over your face for just 5-10 min

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