Question by  doggiemomma (37)

Is there a link between lymphoma and headaches?

I have several family members with lymphoma and have started to experience daily headaches.


Answer by  worker3844 (15)

Any new onset headache should be evaluated by a doctor. Daily headaches can have many different causes from serious (cancer) to minor (water, diet, stress, etc,).


Answer by  Deepakck (174)

Primary CNS lymphoma is presented with symptoms like headache, even though headache may be due to different reasons like stress and all. Lymphoma patients with clinical presentation of daily headache need serious medical attention


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

There is always been a link between headaches and cancer of any kind. This is brought on by your body trying to fight the invading cancer cells. However this can also be caused by a number of things if you have been experiencing headaches. Please consult your physician for a more in-depth check up.


Answer by  y3636363 (1380)

Yeah I'm pretty sure there is a link between lymphome and headaches. You know what there is always side effects or symptoms due to medication and headaches are a major symptom for certain diseases. I wouldn't be worried. Just drink more water and eat food with the medication you consume.

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