Question by  AndrewCline (23)

Is there a link between drug cartels and casinos?

I know that at one point and time the mob was linked with most of the casinos in Vegas, my concern is that now they are ran by the drug cartels.


Answer by  adouglass (331)

Years ago there was a connection between the mob and Las Vegas casinos. There is no connection between drug cartels and casinos. People may participate in recreational drug use at the casinos without the casinos knowledge. The casinos make a lot of money legally. Drug trafficking isn't worth the risk.


Answer by  pabloelf22 (31)

I am sure some of the casinos in Vegas are run by drug cartels. At this point in time my state is trying to decide whether or not to have expanded gambling. Drugs, violence, and other related issues are reasons why that state has declined this bill.


Answer by  worker8712 (48)

Not likely. The Feds watch casinos carefully, but don't know of any link between Nevada casinos and drugs. Drug cartels or terrorists could have laundered money through casinos; so regulations were tightened. The Feds look more at Atlantic City casinos, or "mob" attempts to infiltrate Native American casinos. Casinos are now considered legitimate (though not respectable) businesses.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

One can hypothesize anything, there is no way to tell who is honest or not. Casinos have more resources to launder money than other businesses, but are now strongly regulated.


Answer by  sonicfoundation (2597)

Casinos today are so highly regulated and oversight is so tight both from the government and from the shareholders in these corporations that illicit ownership would be very difficult.


Answer by  swaash (37)

Drug cartels are well known for their powerful financial influence in most casinos found in Las Vegas. Drug money makes the business tick. Drug lords are the major beneficiaries.


Answer by  makingmoney (110)

Terrorism acts changed many financial documents and requirements after 9/11; therefore, I think the cartels may still be active in Vegas but to a lesser degree. All forms of crime have diversified and the cartels have the people and monies in many smaller business to avoid notice.

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