Question by  a20 (18)

Is there a Homing Pigeon lost and found?


Answer by  dpboris (383)

Yes, it is called "911 Pigeon Alert". Also, if the pigeon has a band around it's leg there should be an identification number on it. If so, call your local animal wildlife center, they will most likely be able to advise you further.


Answer by  luvsbirds2 (6)

There are actually several sites online that offer a lost and found section for homing or racing pigeons. One of the most popular is International Federation of American Homing Pigeon Fanciers Inc, which offers a distinctive leg band for pigeons to be used as a tracking device. People can check out their classifieds/forums for postings of lost birds.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Homing Pigeons are registered with a leg band. They have this band from the moment of their hatching and they stay with them for life denoting what organization they are a part of.


Answer by  MsLizziebug (833)

If the bird has a band around it's leg there should be an identification number on it. Try calling your local animal warden or wildlife center, they may have information or be able to send you in the right direction. If you've noticed homing pigeons circling in your area, you make be able to follow them back to the owner.


Answer by  tina63 (273)

Homing pigeons are registered with a leg band soon after they are hatched. The bands stay on the bird for life and identifies it to a national organization.


Answer by  les59 (852)

There is not a Homing Pigeon Lost and Found that I know of. Not all Homing Pigeons are trained to go to the same locations.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

Yes if the animal has a tag on its ankle their is a database which tracks the bird. Search for "Roller Clubs " in your area

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