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Question by  percy (33)

Is there a cave in the great Marsh?


Answer by  RandomHero (104)

If this question is regards to the Pastoria Great Marsh in the game Pokemon Diamond, the answer is no, the is no cave in the great marsh.


Answer by  bnespral (11)

There is a cave in the great Marsh, but it won't be easy getting there not to mention surviving what is inside. The Marsh is somewhat hard to navigate and there are random encounters that can end the game for you if you are not prepared with the appropriate skills and gear.


Answer by  Shan60 (19)

There is no cave in the great marsh.It is an area located in Pastoria City. It is highly filled with marshy areas which are tall grass and mainly inhabited by the wild pokemon,


Answer by  demian (11)

No there is not a cave in great marsh.I've played diablo2 with every class more than once so you can trust me.But, there still is a golden chest in the map area.You just need to explore the whole map.Map has a dead end, small peace of land surrounded by water, where the gold chest lies.


Answer by  JennWDW (79)

No. I've beaten every pokemon game from red to platinum, and the great marsh is always just a marsh. No cave. Just pokemon, running around in a little muddied area.


Answer by  mb (5482)

Any caves in the great Marsh would be filled with water and would be very difficult to explore. Remember that caves are always in the bedrock and water seeks its lowest level.


Answer by  Mitchell (74)

Depending on what game is being played there may or may not be a cave in the great Marsh you are in.


Answer by  CCG (92)

No, there is no cave in the great marsh. I have scourered the internet pleny of times looking for this same answer, and have never found once found a comment about this that didn't turn out to be fake.


Answer by  jackstriker (4)

Yes, there is a cave in the Great marsh. Head east and you should see it but watch the map-you may get lost


Answer by  abin1991 (76)

The Great Marsh is the largest salt Marsh situvated in NEW ENGLAND it includes over 20,000acres of marsh,barrier beach,tidal river uplands etc.

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